Mists of Shadow Moor

XP UPDATE (03/26/18)

Experience: 60,374 (level 9)

Jacob's warning to the future.
Backup Insurance

Tormon Guildmates or brethren of the Lawgiver,

I’m sorry you are reading this as it means we have failed to kill the immortal vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich, the Baron of Barovia. He lured us to this cursed land by commissioning a package delivery from our Tormon guild by means of a deal of cooperation he has with the Vistani. They have the freedom to come and go from his domain as one of their rewards for assisting him. To our loss, we learned that Strahd enjoys toying with mortals by bringing heroes to his cursed land and trapping them within.

Be warned that death in this domain is not the end, as all souls are trapped here and barred from the afterlife. Evil dark powers will tempt you at every turn with offers of power, but that power is an illusion that will cost you your soul, and free will. Stay strong with the Lawgiver and do not allow the darkness into your heart. Some of the locals have corrupted their faith in the Lawgiver and worship false aspects of the Lawgiver that are really the dark powers.

We have attempted to gather resources to fight Strahd and have obtained two of three artifacts we have been lead to believe are needed to defeat him. One is known as the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, an item capable of bringing daylight to darkness, as well as restoring life to fallen companions. The second is a halberd, the Last Ray of Sunlight, a powerful weapon that appears as a staff, but in the hands of worthy warrior can cause a blade of pure radiance to spring into existence, shedding light all around and is very effective against undead and evil creatures. The final item is a book that we think is in Castle Ravenloft in the room of bones. This book we suspect will tell us of Strahd’s weaknesses or could possibly be a spell book. We are also carrying the Bones of Saint Andral, that when buried in a structure can prevent Vampires from entering.

We have learned that Strahd keeps his heart apart from himself in one of his towers, so killing him without destroying his heart may be why many previous heroes have failed. Our biggest advantage is that Strahd does not fear us and prefers to see our destruction occur thru the efforts of his games and allies or by succumbing to the dark power’s temptations.

We have discovered the below in our travels here:
The Abbot of St. Markovia is an Angel, but may be of limited help as he intends to lead Strahd back to the light. Resist this viewpoint as his plan will have failed with our deaths at this point.
Castle Mormot and the surrounding area is controlled by werewolfs, allies of Strahd who raise his devil dogs. You will need silver or blessed weapons to harm them.
The Martikov family of wereravens in Valaki are possible allies as they have been working for generations to fight Strahd.
Stay clear of Mount Ghakis, the area is extremely dangerous to the soul and the road out of Barovia is magically blocked.

Our group consisted of:
Inara Von Ryn – Tormon guildmate
Pavel Viciat – Tormon guildmate
Victor Von Schmidt – ex-captain of Valaki
Sara Balan- Tormon guildmate
Gregori Cantomir – Tormon guildmate: died and was raised by Strahd as a vampire. Uncertain if he is a pawn or not of Strahd.
Haldor Bargewright – Tormon guildmate: if he is alive, he has betrayed the rest of us.
Jacob Rowley – Tormon guildmate

Guard you soul carefully and trust nothing of magical origins. Only faith in the Lawgiver will protect you!!!

May the Lawgiver forgive my failures,


Session 16: Possession is 9/10 of the law

Hmmm…Krezk. What is there really to say of this place. Overall it is not too bad, the Abbey seems strangely welcoming and the townsfolk have been reasonable. I think that if I had to live somewhere in this land (and that really is a stretch as I would never want to live in this land) it would probably be here. It seems remote and detached from the activities of the rest of the realm. I like that.

Pavel talked to the head Abbot for some time, which I guess can’t be all bad. With some luck the guy will have knocked some sense into that stubborn head of his. It is a shame that we had to depart so quickly, I would have enjoyed resting here and to have an opportunity to collect ourselves. As it stands we were only able to provision, and in the process I was able to acquire a sturdy and impressive mount with the fun money I had squirrelled away for rainy days, so that bit of pressure was lifted. Once we restocked we exited the town as quickly as we entered. I was thankful that the gatekeeper still possessed our equipment that we were forced to check at the door. I don’t know that I could have lived down that grief I would have received by the others who were so adamant about retaining their weapons.

So we made the decision to return to the Wizard’s Tower that we passed on the way to Krezk. I am not terribly happy about this decision, but it may also yield us some additional tools we can use to overcome the Lord of this land. I am fearful of our odds, but at this point our lot has been cast. In addition to our provisions, we acquired some excavating equipment that will help us gain entry into the bricked up tower.

Our trip back to the tower was uneventful, and upon reaching it Jacob and I set about tearing down the brickwork with the tools we purchased back in Krezk. Upon finally gaining entry we were in what appeared the empty ground floor room, the upper floors were quite deteriorated and inaccessible. Pavel was finally able to scale the interior but found nothing of import. We were just about to give up entirely when a secret door was found in the floor of the tower. We took a break in order to have a quick lunch and then went back at it.

I don’t know who these idiots are, but I think I can use them to my advantage. It is amazing that they even managed to find the secret door, however since my hope was to get my equipment out from under the sarcophagus located below. How long have I been here? Of all the potential allies that I could have acquired, I end up with these guys, they can’t stop bickering amongst themselves and seem wholly unsure as to how they should proceed.

I finally decided I didn’t need to wait on them. This body I’m in seems to be the strongest one here and at the time they didn’t seem too concerned about my actions. After some doing, the priestly one (I believe his name might be Jacob) and I manage to slide the Sarcophagus to the side, but much to my dismay all of my weapons had long turned to dust.

As the night approached, I was assigned a watch with another woman within the party names Inara. I engaged her in what I thought was polite discussion about perhaps acquiring a firearm or bow, Inara had what appeared to be an adequate Pistol and I was hoping to get an opportunity to test the heft and get some pointers. Sadly the only response I received was one of suspicion, and also continual wary looks (just what has this body done to evoke such responses?). Fearing that my cover might have been blown, I try to smooth things over and down play the conversation however I think the damage was done.

As the evening progressed, my cover became more tenuous. There was a dead individual that came calling during our watch. The others seemed to have some familiarity with him and called to him by name. The name they used was Gregori, and apparently it caused some distress amongst them. One of them, Jacob I believe attempted to perceive Gregori for what he really was and in the process I inadvertently became a victim to the self-same magics. With my cover blown I now have come to find myself trussed and deprived of my weapons (It was later learned that Pavel had destroyed several items determined by him to be Evil).

I chose to play on their sympathies. It seemed to be my only available option. I explain to them that my name is Sarah, and that I was a member of the Tormon guild many years in the past. I had hoped that by establishing my Tormon Guild membership I would then be able to strike a kinship with them which would have enabled me to escape my bonds and return to my true goal of defeating the Devil. This created much discussion that caused me inordinate dread as it primarily revolved around exorcising me from my host body. As much as I tried to reassure them that my intentions were noble, they redoubled their desire to remove me. I tried to give them useful options, myself being a much better combatant and far more trustworthy than the former host seemed to be the most logical stance, as well I explained that once we succeeded in our quest to defeat the Devil, I would be able to move on to the next plane and would no longer have need to inhabit the body thus returning their companion Haldor to his rightful place. However they dug their heels in and refused any form of compromise regarding our predicament.

As much as I hated to force my hand, since I really do need their assistance, I let them know that I would not be leaving this body willfully and that their ability to evict me would be most assuredly met with failure. This should have settled the matter but they continued on, talking in circles about the same things.

Finally Jacob came up with a rather interesting and dangerous proposal. They now wish to resurrect me with one of the mystical relics in their possession. Apparently it possesses an ability to bring people back from the dead granted not too much time has passed, it is a rather time consuming practice and it will summon a great number of evil creatures from the local area to converge on us while the ritual is taking place.

If all goes well, I will be in my old body again, and they may have this Haldor person back (for what that is worth). I can only pray that we accomplish this task and can continue on with the defeat of the Devil. I cannot allow fate to ruin things again, this must be the final confrontation and no quarter should be given to that demon scourge.

Session 15: Never Trust Druids
Pavel Sucks

Against my better judgement we pressed our battle against the strange creature named Baba Lysaga. I struggle with how to describe what we were up against, however my best estimates fall greatly short with the reality of the situation. At best I can say we fought a house that trundled about on an extensive collection of roots operating as legs. I still couldn’t explain how best to fight a house, so I will just say that it was fought and we won much to my surprise. After parting ways with circus master, we continue on our way to the monastery in the hopes of finding the final key to our battle against Count von Zarovich.

After a day of uneventful travel, we find an appropriate place for making camp. The chosen site is in the shadow of a lonely towering spire with a bricked over doorway. From our cursory observations we quickly determine that we lack the tools necessary to excavate the passageway into the tower so we note it and make plans to return here at a later time with the appropriate equipment in hand. The next morning we return to the old Svalich Road toward the monastery once more. Along the path we pass a crudely erected gallows supporting three dangling bodies, upon close observation it is concluded that the bodies had been there for some time and that each has had their hearts removed.

Says I to myself, “This is something to let be”, however Pavel who has learned nothing from our time in this cursed land decides that the bodies should be set alight with mystical flame. I swear to you that his eyes danced at the prospect and before anyone could retort to the contrary he had already begun the conflagration. Surprisingly enough nothing happens and we continue on our way (in reality Pavel witnesses the bodies writhing in agony as they twist and fight against the cleansing fire). As we camp for our 2nd night of travel, we set watch and settle in. On her watch Inara spies groups of travelers wandering suspiciously through the woods opposite the road, she rousts the rest of us and we warily watch the strange procession pass. It was a harrowing and gruesome event, mothers dragging babies, men dragging legs, individuals missing arms. All shambling aimlessly forward.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully, and we take to the road again. As we travel some robed monks are spotted in the distance, Piddlewick quickly identifies them as a surly and dangerous lot, so upon his advice we rush into the woods and conceal ourselves until the travelers pass. Once they safely pass, we take to the road once more reaching our 3rd campsite. As we enter the clearing for our campsite, we are greeted with what is initially thought to be a sleeping individual. As we approach it is soon learned that it is actually the decaying body of Pavel, who appears to have been dead for some time. Also located around him are a collection of his equipment as he had them prior to the events at the Argenvast manor.

Perplexed and alarmed, we approach the living Pavel and request that he remand his weapons to us until we can make a proper investigation of the scene. We begin our examination of the deceased Pavel and it is determined that he has been dead for several weeks and carries the scars of several stab wounds (Pavel sees it to be a plantlike construct that is a copy of himself). Shocked and confused we struggle over how to proceed, do we trust the Pavel we have been travelling with? Has he been a spy this whole time? What are his motives in travelling with us? Throughout all this, the living Pavel seems to be understanding and compliant, and imploringly requests a chance to look the body over. We begrudgingly acquiesce to his request, and tell him that he is fine to look things over as long as he does not use any magic, we are unfamiliar with his mystic arts and would have no way to know whether he was doing what he states he is doing or whether we are by his actions being placed in danger.

As he approaches the body his traitorous and dishonest ways are exposed as he immediately begins casting his strange magics. Thinking quickly, Jacob breaks Pavel’s concentration disrupting the spell. Screaming in rage, Pavel lashes out at those with whom he once called friends. However Jacob and I counter his malicious advances. Screaming mindlessly to the sky the cowardly knave we knew to be Pavel changes his mind and attempts to flee instead, thankfully he is mercifully felled, trussed, and gagged until a better resolution can be determined.

As more time passes we still struggle with an appropriate solution to our dilemma. Finally Jacob exasperatingly offers to use his magics in order to speak with the deceased Pavel and question him regarding the particulars of his demise. It is our hopes that we can learn some insight and ascertain his identity. After discussing the best questions to ask, Jacob tells us that we will have a limited number of questions, he then performs the exhausting ritual.

The body doesn’t so much as come back to life, as words and phrases are expelled from his mouth in a whispering gurgle. It is uncomfortable and unsettling. What we learn is that there are definitely subtle differences between the two Pavels. It is confirmed that the deceased Pavel was felled by the Argenvast, and after barely surviving crawled here prior to expiring. He goes on to tell us that he needed to get to the monastery and that the monks there would be able to resurrect him. My first bit of doubt began to creep in as we who knew Pavel from the start know that at the time of our unfortunate melee at the Argenvast manor, we knew not of the monastery or the abilities of the monks. However we still could not reconcile ourselves with the actions of the living Pavel we still had trussed.

We descend into rest for the remainder of the evening with our questions unanswered. Further complicating things, the living Pavel attempts an escape on my watch! The nerve of this petulant fool! Does he not know that each attempt at freedom further dooms his innocence? Thankfully Piddlewick was not fooled by his treachery, and he quickly darts him back into submission. As things go, I find that I am beginning to care less and less as to which Pavel is the real one and it might be best just to end them both and save us the headache. It would be easy at this point to suffocate the life out of him as he sleeps off Piddlewick’s justice. After taking a breath I decide to let the thoughts pass form my mind and wait till the morning when all have risen.

As morning breaks, we break camp and begin the final leg to the monastery. The monastery itself is surrounded by a rather sizeable village with a protective wall. The guard at the gates was wary of us and would not allow entrance unless we left our arms at the gate. We agree as our quest being of great import demanded we make concessions in order to accomplish our goals. Once inside we are escorted up the mountain pass to the abbey itself, to see the Grand Abbot or whatever it is they call these sort of folk. We reach the abbey and are, after some discussion with the doorman, allowed entrance. The Grand Abbot appears to be kindly enough, however he is unable to aid us in our problems with Pavel’s identity. We finally decide that it may be best to cut him free and hope for the best. It is not a comfortable idea, and I see some fretful nights ahead with him.

Not skipping a beat the Abbot extolls the necessity of our assistance in helping him with his plan to….temper Count von Zarovich. Hoping that this will lead us to the aid we need, we agree to aid him, as he leads us up the tower of the Abbey to a locked door. From inside we hear the sounds of, I guess I would call it a tantrum. The abbot coos some soft words to the door as the sounds of crashing diminish and we are then allowed entry to the room. Inside is a woman of some beauty. She is strange and odd in manor however I have come to learn that all who dwell here seem to be rather off kilter (Upon seeing her Pavel sees her as a Frankenstein monster, however no one else appears to notice). She carries on about how the wedding that Count von Zarovich is about to have is nothing but a sham and that she is his true beloved. The Abbot explains that her name is Vasilka and that he has carefully prepared her in order to suit the Counts needs and will make an appropriate replacement. With her at his arm I am believing that the Abbot believes that the Count will have his heart softened and maybe cease in bedeviling the townsfolk of the region.

We again agree to provide her with protection and guide her to Valaki in order to acquire her an appropriate dress so that she can wed Count von Zarovich. As well we also acquire the necessary tools in town to excavate the tower that we had passed on our way to the Abbey. From the Abbot we learned that there was an ancient and powerful wizard that had been imprisoned in the tower and that there may be something of his magics still left inside and that these magics might potentially aid us. As well we make plans to return to Argenvast Manor in order to remedy the defeat we suffered on our first encounter there.

If you ask me, we should still deal with Pavel, because as said before you can’t trust a druid.

Session 14: The Lord of the Domain

Dictator.jpgExperience: 11,117

Session 13: The Master of Castle Mormot

Illusionist.jpgExperience: 7,950

Tormon Guild Ledger, Page 12

:: After a great deal of debate as to whether and how to side with werewolves, returned to Castle Mormot and palavered with the lord, Kiril Stoyanovich, under power of Victor’s truth-telling spell. The Lord Mormot was uncomfortably forthcoming, not much easing the burden of our choices.

:: Determined to fight Emil Toranescu’s faction of werewolves. Lured them into the castle’s courtyard and fought them, working alongside the Stoyanovich faction of werewolves. Near the end of the battle, Pavel used his lightning to betray the Stoyanovich faction, deeply broadening our fight. A quick battle turned into a deadly affair, as our numbers were poorly positioned for defense, too much integrated into the ranks of the Stoyanovich faction. Despite killing many werewolves, the remainder seemed only determined to get at least one bite of each of our number before fleeing. The leaders of the Stoyanovich faction fled into the keep, locking themselves in.

:: During the battle, a mysterious masked stranger appeared, snatched up a werewolf, and fled over the wall. It seemed to know some of our names.

:: As the battle concluded, a great cloud of bats approached on the horizon, led by a flying black horse and a dark rider. The Master of Ravenloft approached.

Trapped in Mormot Castle


From the Journal of Haldor Bargewright

5th of Balor, 1132

We are trapped in Castle Mormot. I will not try to hide my anger in these pages as doing so would be a disservice to my sanity. My confidence in my team has waned incredibly, and since the passing of my dearest friend Gregori, my spirits are left at an all time low. I have gone on at length in these pages about the many ways that I will exact my revenge on Inara for her role in his death, however after having dedicated several pages to the many ways I can watch her suffer and expire I find that my desire to further that cause has waned some. All that said, I do not know how much longer I can entertain a goodly nature and fear that if I do not quit myself of this cursed land I may suffer in the same fate as those that have passed before.

Back to Castle Mormot, from the outset it appears to be a relaxing respite from the depression we encounter elsewhere in the land. The lord of this castle, Kiril Stoyanovich appears to be accommodating and generous. However that does not reduce my annoyance at having been detained here due to the death of some inconsequential peasant whom I have no link to, nor a care for. Do they not know we are on an incredibly urgent mission back to Vallaki? Damn this contemptable land!

In the interest of expediting our escape from this situation, Pavel and Jacob have volunteered to assist in the investigation of this murder we have become witnesses to. As far as I can tell, the list of suspects are as follows Kresk who is an acolyte from a monastery, Abbis and Yafu who are merchants that became lost, Marto & Jim, woodcutters from Lake Luna, a mercenary named Gria on her way to Vallaki, and then a handful of servants and peasants. At this point I would be happy to put the screws to the lot of them until the first one squeals a confession, and be done with the whole affair. Of course we have to do the noble deed and actually investigate. What a crock.

From what was relayed, Pavel and Jacob were lead to the location of a very bloody murder, however no body was present. The room appears to be the castle commode, and after checking for deviltry (magic) and finding none they then check the throne and find that the structure has been damaged, widening the opening through a brute force action. Returning to the spot of violence they surmise that the murder was most violent and animalistic. As if a wolf had ripped the poor fool to shreds. Jacob then lowers Pavel down the chute and he checks the grounds for activity. He finds naked foot prints and wolf tracks heading into the woods.

Back at the Great Hall, Lord Stoyanovich approaches myself and Victor with a story of his poor Chamberlin Emil Toranescu. Out surveying the lands, he was bit by a pack of wild dogs and is now exhibiting signs of lunacy. The wolves carry some sort of infection that drives men mad, and he has banded together with others similarly inflicted to harass the Lords people. With this information all signs point to this Emil character as being the villain, Lord Stoyanovich gathers us together and charges us with ending this pox to his land. In exchange for our assistance he gifts us with his prized rifle and allows us passage out of the castle. So we gather up the remains of our Guild, and the new companions we have met and set out to expunge the blight of Emil so that we may finally be on our way. Lady Stoyanovich, the comely daughter of the Lord tries to join us in our task, however it is determined that she would be a detriment to the proceedings as she is quite young and as a woman is ill fit for such activities.

We head south of the keep to a river which is not far from the castle, and as we arrive we are soon engaged by a pack of rather hungry looking wolves. Pavel strives forward and due to his affinity for taming wild beasts attempts to becalm wolves. What strangeness occurs I am hesitant to detail. However I know not any other way to continue. One of the wolves separates from the pack and approaches our team. As it closes the gap a strange transformation occurs, its fur begins to disappear, and then it lurches up on its two hind legs. The strange transformation continues as the snout of this vile beast shrinks and compacts into a human nose and mouth, and the ears shift down to form unmistakably human ears. It is something I do not believe I can forget and hope never to witness again.

He introduces himself as Emil, and claims that Lord Stoyanovich has engineered these horrible acts, framing Emil and his people in order to chase them from their ancestral lands. He goes on to claim that Lord Stoyanovich is not the rightful Lord to the land and that it belongs to himself and his people. He then asks us to assist him in retaking the Castle and driving out the evil that is Lord Stoyanovich. I do not feel comfortable with this exchange. Anything that can do what Emil has done cannot be good, and we have received nothing but generosity from the Lord of the manor. However the rest of the party is immovable in their desire to assist this abomination, so I keep my trap shut on the matter. Best to go with the flow and end this quickly so we can be on our way.

Victor Von Schmidt, and Pavel feel they have some ability in curing these skin changers of their affliction, and so after securing the Wolf Mens promises, for what those are worth, we agree to help them if they all take the cure to return them to a state of normalcy.

So ends today’s entry.

Haldor Bargewright
Tormon Guild

Session 11: Cleansing the Blight

Druid.jpgExperience: 6,500

:: Started off the morning at the Winery. Discussed a plan to proceed. It was decided that we should finish what we started and run down the Blighters that attacked the ravens. The hope was that we could catch them and retrieve the stolen artifacts. Haldor showed uncharacteristic guilt and readily agreed to the plan.

:: Before heading to the Druid mound south of the Winery, Victor asked The Lawgiver for his blessing and assistance. His prayer was seemingly answered in the form of a twisted Caliban Stag.

:: We headed at full mounted speed to Yester Hill. Muriel transformed into a raven to scout ahead. What she noticed was two Druids performing a ritual around a large tree (gnarled by decoration) and a large procession of Druids coming in from the opposite side of the hill. Pavel urged the group to interrupt the summoning and we charged up the hill. Combat ensued, but we were too late to stop Treebad from awakening. Inara massacres the two Druids that were attempting to run away. At which point, Muriel notices they dropped the artifacts we were looking for. Inara grabs the artifacts and we pile on the shambling tree until it falls.

:: Jacob and Haldor check out the Cairn that was calling to Haldor. They find the grave of a fallen warrior and proceed to fight over his spear. Haldor grabs it and runs. Victor and Jacob burn the Blight staves and Pavel starts to burn Treebad.

:: The party hides to create an ambush for the incoming procession of Druids. A significant amount of time passes, after distant sounds of battle, Davian emerges onto the mound. After a quick chat, the ravens head back to their winery. A dark cloud descends upon the hill, led by a dark rider. The party assumes it is Strahd and hides. At closer inspection, the cloud is actually a mass of bats. And after a brief pause at the top of the mound, the dark horseman and his bat entourage flies at full speed towards Vallaki. The group debates the urgency of heading off the dark cloud in Vallaki while Muriel flies back to the Winery (she receives an amulet).

:: We opt for the quickest, most direct path back to Vallaki. Muriel informs us that there is a manor house on our way that would be ideal to stay the night. The guard at the manor house is very welcoming. Informing us that this is the stronghold for Lord Mormot (aka Ceeral Stovanovich?). Victor notices this conclave still clings to the old ways, putting the Lady of the Night on equal or higher footing with The Lawgiver. The party settles into their rooms, experiments with their new found treasures, and argues the morality of inanimate objects. In the morning, at breakfast, we met the Lord who informs us that a child was ripped to shreds. Both Jacob and Victor convince him to let them assist in the investigation.

Session 10: Winery and skulduggery


:: To Be completed…

Session 09: Rescue and Unlucky


:: Follow Vistani herb gatherer to forest where missing girl was last seen. Discover a scarf that Victor identifies as belonging to a drunkard fishermen.

:: Decided to go to Lake Zarovich where the fisherman has a boat. Upon arriving, we see a light out on the lake and head to the dock where we find new city guard that Victor does not recognize collecting a portion of fish from a fisherman. It is getting into the late evening.

:: We borrow a boat from the kind fisherman, who says he will be leaving when his family arrives with a cart to take the rest of the fish back to town. We row quickly out to the light on the lake after taking off our heavy armor.

:: Out on the lake, the light turns into a boat with person on it who upon seeing us heading toward him, tosses large bundle into the lake. Victor and Haldor jump into the water to go after the bundle. Meanwhile, Jacob shoots an arrow to stop the suspected fisherman from fleeing.

:: Victor dives deap and manages to locate the weighted bundle and tries to surface, but runs out of breath. Luckily, Haldor has followed and grabs them both and swims valliantly to the surface and all are brought back on board the boat. The bundle is revealed to be the missing Vistani child, who Jacob heals. Haldor is upset and leaps to the other boat and beats up the guilty fisherman.

:: The fisherman admits in fear that he thought that bringing the girl out to the lake would change his luck with catching fish, so he knocked her out and brought her out on the water. When he saw our approach, he says he panicked and decided he couldn’t explain himself and thought to drop the girl in the water to hide his guilt.

:: We tie up the fisherman and return to the dock and tie up the boat. The kind fisherman and the guard are missing. Due to the lateness of the evening, we decided to go thru town via the road instead of back the way we came.

:: Sadly, we come upon the kind fisherman’s cart, that Jacob determines was attacked by wolfes and it appears there are no survivors. We continue thru town and back to the Vistani camp.

:: The Vistani merchant is happy to see his missing daughter returned to them and they decide to throw a feast for the heroes. The guilty fisherman is locked up in one of the Vistani wagons to be tried later. The group questions him further and Inara uses fire to get his full confession.

:: A trial is held by the Vistani and the gilty fisherman is convicted and killed. The Vistani reveal their treasure wagon with 6 chests with the choice of one to the party as a reward. Victor is unlucky and chooses the 6th box that holds only potions. The other chests are revealed to have greater treasure.

:: After a night of celebration, the group heads back thru town to investigate the kind fishermans cart and run into the infamous captain of the guard. After a brief verbal confrontation, the captain threatens us and we leave after revealing his ineptness and investigating the attack scene.

:: We ride out to the Wizard of Wines Winery and hobble our horses upon seeing a field of scarecrows surrounding the winery. We approach on foot and carefully approach the winery while spread out. After getting to the inside, two of the scarecrows come to life near our horses and go after them. We luckily dispatch them with Inara’s fire attacks being the most effective. Luckily, the horses survive and the group takes a short breather.


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