Mists of Shadow Moor

Session 01: The Broken Road

Experience: 950 Horseman.jpg

Tormon Ledger, Page 01

:: Traveled 6 days via High Pass route.

:: Encountered railway blockage (bridge out also), unable to continue by locomobile to Mount Ghakis. Locomobile appears to have been misdirected for several days on an unknown railway branch. Way-station here is abandoned. It was marked with an old Tormon sign carved onto one of the porch’s support columns. A recent letter was found in the outgoing letter box. The locomobile lacks sufficient wood and coal to make the return trip.

:: Encountered a switchback trail, a long road out of the mountains. Signs indicate “Barovia” which resembles the “Baroviom” of the recipient of our package.

:: Encountered a colossal stone gateway with massive iron gates. The gateway was carved with two warriors, both missing heads. The gates appeared 80 or more feet tall, the sentinel statutes even taller.

:: Encountered a wolf-killed human in the snow, just off the road. Recovered a letter. The sender seemed to be the same as the one we found in the abandoned way-station, but the handwriting did not match. This one gave a very different set of instructions for anyone who found or read the letter.

:: Found the town of Barovia. Attacked by wolves en route. Killed and drove off the attackers. Made it to the walled town after sunset. A lone guard let us in before retiring for the night.

:: Located and knocked at the home of the burgonmaster. The building is boarded up and appears to have been assailed by a large force in the recent past.



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