Mists of Shadow Moor

Session 02: Life and Death in Barovia

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Tormon Ledger, Page 02

:: Found the burgomaster of Barovia. He is dead. The man’s son, Ismark, has taken over the duties temporarily but he knows nothing of the delivery. He even questions whether Barovia and Baroviom are the same place, although this village is within sight of Mt. Ghakis.

:: Ismark wants us to take his sister to Vallaki to get her away from the nightly attacks by Strahd’s wolf minions. He promises a 180 gold marks and the contents of an old chest that has been in the town hall’s cellar for at least a generation. All but 20 of the marks are in the form of letters of credit drafted against a financing house in Vallaki. The chest is marked with Tormon signs. It contains a letter written by someone named Ulamosh and some fine equipment that, according to the letter, once belonged to someone named Gormon. These appear to have been members of the Tormon Guild.

:: While investigating the village, discovered that a priest of the Lawgiver named Donavich was having trouble with his son, Doru. The boy was locked in the basement. After initial concern over mistreatment, we discovered that the young man was indeed possessed of supernatural powers. He attacked us as we tried to investigate him and his cremated remains were left with the priest.

:: Arranged with the Bildrath’s (the old proprietors of Bildrath’s Mercantile) to put together a group of laborers to collect coal at an abandoned mine in the hills. Coal used to be collected regularly for a smith’s forge operated in town. This endeavor is likely to take two or three weeks. We need a large wagonload of coal to be sure we have enough for the locomobile.

:: Discovered an old mail carrier outpost in the village. It might have once been used by Tormon carriers or others but has long been disused.

:: Witnessed a strange fight between villagers over what seems to be… a pastry. The villagers were insensate when we tried to question them.



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