Mists of Shadow Moor

Session 03: The Baron of Baroviom

Darklord.jpgExperience: 1460

Tormon Ledger, Page 03

:: Met with the Bariovian villagers. Agreed to work 2 days for them helping guard the workers repairing the palisade. Will then travel south about 1 day to investigate a fortified manor that has gone silent. The manor represents a strategic stopover, a safe waypoint between the village and the caves bearing the seams of coal. Will then travel west to Vallaki with Ismark’s sister Ireena. Ismark will remain in the village of Barovia.

:: A raven has begun to follow the mail carriers.

:: Some carriers decided to risk the sunset in order to view the march of the specters. Villagers say these incorporeal warriors are all the dead who came to this land and tried to oppose the Devil Strahd. Nightly they march from the cemetery in Barovia, around the mountain, and up the dangerous road to Castle Ravenloft, determined to finish their task. No one knows if the spirits get close to the castle or not.

:: The sun set more quickly than anticipated and the Devil’s wolven minions attacked the mail carriers in the street outside of the burgomaster’s home. A dozen wolves were slain, but the Devil himself made an appearance to taunt the Kolyanovich family and the carriers. He dropped a bottle of wine before he went, one bearing the label of the Wizards of Wine winery. Ismark states that this winery is near Vallaki, where he hopes to find safety for his sister.



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