Mists of Shadow Moor

Session 04: Argynvost Hall

Hooded_One.jpgExperience: 2,020

:: Convinced Ismark to stay behind when we escorted his sister to Vallaki. Agreed to work two days in Barovia helping the villagers repair the palisade, then detour for a day to check the old manor house called Argynvost Hall. Having this place clear will allow villagers to travel safely between the coal caves and the village.

:: Discovered everyone at Argynvost Hall dead, hanged in the manor, hanged on the walls, hanged in the stables, etc. The few horses there had died of starvation about two weeks before. Camped in the manor house and woke to a battle with spectral warriors of some sort. Some members of the party were in the midst of trying to hang themselves at the time.

:: Our raven ally turned out to be a wereraven named Muriel Vinshaw. She seems to know a lot of information about this land.

:: A mysterious zombie knight escaped our attention, leaping from a balcony to get away.



Randy Randy

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