Pidlwick II

A clockwork doll made by Gadof Blinsky


Truly no greater a creation has been crafted. A Blinsky original, Pidlwick has quickly warmed each and every heart of the Tormon Guild, and has even been made an honorary member by the defacto leader Haldor.

Without the aid of this fantastical mechanized creation, our adventures would have ended much sooner. Much more than just a pretty face, Pislwick is armed with a defensive array of Blinsky’s original Slumber Time rest aids™. The plucky purveyors of messaged goods would have fallen to to cowardly machinations of Inara long ago if it were not for his versatile nature.

Pidlwick is a gayly festooned cheerful doll, ensconced in a vibrant red and black striped jesters outfit, sporting a delightful many pointed chapeau tipped with hamoniously jingly bells. His porcelain white face sports a whimsical smile that enlivens the hearts of all whom are rewarded by his presence.

He truly is the heart and soul of the merry band of Tormon messengers.


Pidlwick II

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