Long Rifle


A long, accurate rifle

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Musket 640 gp 1d12 piercing 14 lb. Charging (range 70/210), fouling, heavy, loading, two-handed

Modifications: Aiming Lenses, Long Barrel, Rifled Bore

A set of lenses mounted on the top of the weapon, aids with accuracy. These lenses are usually enclosed in a tube. By spending a bonus action to sight through the lenses, the user’s next attack with the weapon does not suffer the normal disadvantage from attacking a target in its long range increment. Claiming this benefit requires the user to be proficient with the weapon in question and to perform no other movement or other actions, bonus actions, or reactions between aiming and firing.

Ball loads apply the breach (2) property to weapons they are fired from. Advanced firearms from the rifled barrel category instead receive breach (3).


Long Rifle

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