Tormon Chest

A dusty locked chest, about one foot in length


The exterior of the chest is marked with a Tormon sign that indicates personal ownership (a Tormon Guild membership number). The contents are carefully wrapped in white cloth.

The chest contains:

- 1 ornate pistol (4 lb.)
- 1 ornate gun repair kit (2 lb.) and a matching ornate powder horn (1 lb.) containing 21 charges of powder
- 1 tooled leather ammunition pouch (1 lb.) containing 12 ball loads (2 lb.). A green band is painted around the center of each ball.
- 1 pouch (1 lb.) containing 10 Barovian paper ducats (0 lb.), a tied string of 15 Barovian coin marks (0.3 lb.), an antique Tormon Guild membership ring (0 lb.), and a small iron flask (0.5 lb.)
- 1 gold trade bar (1 lb.)
- 2 small gold bracelets (0.5 lb. each)
- 1 pan flute crafted of bones (2 lb.). The back of each of the seven pipes is engraved with the image of a skull and a single word in an unknown language. The instrument is cold to the touch.
- 1 letter, carefully folded and sealed. The blue wax bears the imprint of a Tormon Guild ring.


Tormon Chest

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