1. St. Andral’s Church: This slouching, centuries-old stone church has a bulging steeple in the back and walls lined with cracked, stained glass windows depicting pious saints. A fence of wrought iron encloses a garden of gravestones next to the church. A thin mist creeps among the gravestones.

2. Blue Water Inn: Gray smoke issues from the chimney of this large, two-story wooden building with a stone foundation and sagging tile roof, upon which several ravens have perched. A painted sign hanging above the main entrance depicts a blue waterfall.

3. Burgomaster’s Mansion: This mansion has walls of plastered stone that display many scars where the plaster has fallen away from age and neglect. Drapes cover every window, including a large, arched opening above the mansion’s double entrance doors.

4. Wachterhaus: The exterior of this house seems to be collapsing in (very) slow-motion, many of the tiles are sliding from a slightly-slouching roof that hangs heavy over furrowed gables. Moss-covered walls sag and bulge under the weight of the vegetation.

5. Arasek Stockyard: This large stockyard has several locked sheds along its periphery and lies adjacent to a roomy warehouse. A wooden sign above the front gate reads “Arasek Stockyard.”

6. Coffin Maker’s Shop: This uninviting shop is two stories tall and has a sign shaped like a coffin above the door. All of the window shutters are closed up tight, and a deathly silence surrounds the establishment.

7. Blinksy Toys: This cramped shop has a dark entrance portico, above which hangs a wooden sign shaped like a rocking horse, with a “B” engraved on both sides. Flanking the entrance are two arched, lead-framed windows. Through the dirty glass, you see jumbled displays of toys and hanging placards bearing the slogan “Is No Fun, Is No Blinsky!”

8. Town Square: The shops and homes that enclose the town square are decorated with limp, tattered garlands and painted wooden boxes filled with tiny, dead flowers. At the north end of the square stands a row of stocks, locked in which are several men, women, and children wearing crude, plaster donkey heads. At the center of the square peasants in patchwork clothes use cups and vases to draw water from a crumbling stone fountain .Standing tall at the center of the fountain is a gray statute of an impressive man facing west. All around the square are posted proclamations.

9. Vistani Camp: The woods part to reveal an expansive clearing: a small grass-covered hill with low houses built into its sides. Fob obscures the details, but you can see that these building feature elegantly carved woodwork and have decorative lanterns hanging from their sculpted eaves. Atop the hill, above the fog, is a ring of barrel-topped wagons that surround a large tent with a column of smoke pouring through a hole in the top. The tent is brightly lit from within. Even at a distance, you can smell the odors of win and horses that emanate from this central area.



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