Vistani Market


The Vistani at various camps offer a variety of “magical” goods for sale.

Corpseworm. A centipede-like creature is suspended in each bottle of this green murky fluid. Poured down a corpse’s throat, this potion will reveal the manner of the corpse’s death.

Gallows Ichor. The blood of the innocent hanged man, when smeared on a weapon or ten arrows lasts for a full day. The ichor makes your weapon strike true when the vengeful spirit returns.

Lawgiver’s Tears. This grey vial contains the honest cure to lycanthropy.

Moon Blood. This harsh white tonic burns going down but protects you from evil bites for the next day.

Vial of Mist. This round bottle contains swirly grey mist. Smashing it grants a cloud of mist to cover your ill deeds.

Vistani Elixir. This ruby-colored elixir lasts a handful of minutes, bringing you unparalleled luck. But beware fate’s backlash, which can follow you all day.

Wolf’s Eye. Take on the eyes of the wolf, able to see for ten hours in the deepest night without difficulty.


Vistani Market

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