Choosing a Class (Caution!)

When building your character, keep in mind how this setting affects particular class features.

  • The high Armor Class derived from plate armor and shields is a main advantage to particular classes. In this land, such items are unusual and antiquated; commoners are a bit less likely to trust anyone so blatantly-armored.
  • Firearms are common in this setting, despite being expensive to purchase and use. On average, they inflict 1 point of damage more than similar weapons and they have other useful properties. This slightly favors Dexterity-based characters.
  • Class features that grant immunity to poison or diseases will not protect against the poisonous mists, the curse of lycanthrope, or any conditions inflicted by a domain lord like Strahd von Zarovich. Where applicable, the “immune” character instead has advantage on saving throws and resistance to damage.
  • Most importantly, magic can have detrimental side-effects in this land. Using necromantic spells has a very small, but cumulative, chance to attract the attention of the Dark Powers. This is also true when using any arcane magic and eldritch invocations. Weak-minded characters (probably not player characters) can also be driven mad by such activities.


Baronial culture is strictly monotheistic. “All good souls belong to the Lawgiver.” The most important decision for any cleric is whether to venerate the Lawgiver or a different deity.

Divine Domain

Any Divine Domain is appropriate to the Lawgiver except one; evil clerics who do not follow the Lawgiver have access to the Death Domain (Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 96).


Wild Magic

Surges roll on a new, secret chart specific to this Domain of Dread. These “darker” wild surges betray the sometimes-subtle influence of the Dark Powers on the weave of magic.


Otherworldly Patron

A warlock can only choose the Great Old One for her Otherworldly Patron class feature; only the Dark Powers will answer a warlock’s call within the Domain of Dread.


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