Optional Rules

This page catalogs which optional/variant rules will be used in this campaign. The Fifth Edition rules set is not very consistent or clear about how it marks which rules are optional, so these lists might be incomplete.

PHB Rules

The following rules are used from the Player’s Handbook.

- Customizing Ability Scores (13)
- Variant Human Traits (31)
- Equipment Sizes (144): This applies only to changing armor to fit a different Size-rated character.
- Multiclassing (163-165)
- Feats (165-170)
- Skills with Different Abilities (175)

DMG Rules

The following rules are used from the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

- More Difficult Identification (136): This does not apply to identifying potions.
- Mixing Potions and Scroll Mishaps (140)
- Flanking (251)
- Diagonals (252)
- Sanity and Fear and Horror (264-266): See the Fear and Madness page. To simplify and minimize rolling, such saving throws cannot roll worse than a character’s passive rating unless the roll invokes disadvantage.
- Healer’s Kit Dependency and Slow Natural Healing (266-267): Taken together, the requirement for healer’s kit charges while spending hit dice applies to long rests too. This requirement is waived if the character is convalescing somewhere safe, i.e., sleeping in an inn rather than camping out in the wilderness.
- Firearms (267-268): Replace this with the expanded firearms rules on the Equipment page.
- Disarm, Overrun, Shove Aside, and Tumble (271-272)
- Hitting Cover (272)

Optional Rules

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