This campaign assumes that most player characters will be human. (Most non-player characters certainly are.) But players also have the option to portray calibans, “humans” with features and characteristics not entirely mundane.

The caliban “race” gives players a chance to mechanically portray a variety of standard nonhuman races, while still fitting their characters visually into the human paradigm of this campaign.


Calibans are humans believed to be twisted by exposure to curses or foul magic while in the womb. The birth of a caliban in a community is often seen as a sign of the presence of witchcraft or of a blight in the land. Calibans exist throughout the world, but are much more common within the Domain of Dread, usually born to soulless humans.

The less human a caliban appears, the more widely she will be thought of as brutish, savage, and simple-minded. Calibans that can easily pass for regular humans receive much less stigma than the more ghoulish-appearing members of their race.

To create a caliban, select one of the standard races from the allowed source material, other than human. Apply all of the listed racial traits, except Languages. Size small player characters are between four and five feet tall and are very slender in build. Despite their varied traits and capabilities, a caliban’s appearance remains essentially human.

In addition, all calibans receive the following racial traits.

Grotesque Appearance

No two calibans look alike. Most are deformed, with twisted backs or limbs, asymmetric features, bristly skin, or tusklike teeth. But a few are completely indistinguishable from normal humans. Reactions to calibans vary widely based on appearance. The higher your Outcast rating from this racial trait, the less human you appear to be.

You have a 3-point bonus to your Outcast rating. This bonus is normally lowered by a number equal to your Charisma bonus. But it cannot be reduced by Charisma if you have a racial trait that requires a distinguishing body part. For example, you have wings that facilitate flight or claws that facilitate natural attacks. These will prevent the character from achieving a fully-human appearance. The DM will determine which physically prominent racial features cannot be offset by Charisma.


You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of your choice. Calibans typically learn the languages of the normal humans they deal with, including obscure dialects. (This replaces your race selection’s normal Languages trait.)


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