Mists of Shadow Moor

Session 07: Vallaki by Night

Missionary.jpgExperience: 3,020

:: Decided to cut directly through the woods to Vallaki, hoping to save a day. Pavel believes he can see the right route. This may help us lose any potential pursuers from the wind-powered mill and its manor house.

:: The forest is thick, but manageable. Found a strange procession of three soldiers’ skeletons, mounted on the piles of their skeletal horses. A strange creature rose from the thicket, or was the thicket, and came roaring after us. Moved away from it in good time. It could not keep up.

:: Found a resident of Vallaki in the forest. He was searching for some missing children, and our rescued children seemed to know him. Went to Vallaki with him. Upon approaching the walls, noticed that some members of the watch seemed to show deference to our new friend, who names himself Victor.

:: Met with Father Lucian at St. Andral’s Church. Ireena is supposed to be delivered into the priest’s safekeeping, but he is worried; the artifact that protects the church (and the town of Vallaki) have been stolen. There are few clues as to what happened. Leaving Ireena here seems like a dubious plan.

:: Spent time at the Blue Water Inn. Noticed many ravens present. The town watch stopped by, looking for whoever allowed Udo out of the stocks. It seems that failure to be cheerful and enjoy the weekly festivals is a punishable offense here. Met Victor’s friends, Rictavio and Ezmerelda.

:: Stayed the night at the inn. Inara noticed a raven poking through her baggage. The bird was a wereraven boy named Brom, the son of Urwin and Danika Martikov. After conversation, discovered that the family’s oldest daughter was our friend Muriel. The Martikovs want us to help them investigate what has happened to their family winery, the Wizard of Wines Winery. The winery delivers excellent, cheap wine to inns across Barovia, one of the few sources of cheer in this dark land.

:: Once we prove our capabilities to the Martikovs, they will allow us to hold their sun-shaped amulet, the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. This item of power was revealed to us in Madam Eva‘s Tarokka Reading. But that alone is not enough for their full trust. We must then return to the Argynvostholdt manor house to resurrect Muriel. If we succeed, they will tell us how to use the rest of the holy symbol’s power and reveal to us what their family has recorded about the Tormen Guild members who came to Barovia several generations ago.


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