Mists of Shadow Moor

Session 06: Road to Perdition

Evoker.jpgExperience: 2,520

:: Purchased several potions from the Vistani camp before leaving in the morning. The Vistani claim these will be useful. Their veracity is suspect. At 10 marks a vial, a bit of snake oil is cheap enough to risk.

:: Came to a crossroads on the Old Svalitch Road. Immediately positioned on the eastern fork, pointed toward Castle Ravenloft, stood a strange black carriage drawn by two black horses. The carriage door opened slowly at our approach. Coach was empty. Declined to take a ride. Took the western fork instead.

:: At dark, stayed at the manor home of Happy Hengis and his band of woodcrofters. The stay was pleasant, as was the fare. Hengis asked us to keep an eye out for one of his missing people.

:: Discovered the body of what must have been Hengis’ missing woodcrofter. Took his rucksack which held rations and mincemeat pastries. Buried the man as well as possible.

:: At dark, declined to approach the run-down manor house in a nearby ravine. Approached a wind-powered mill of some kind, positioned near the road. A raven perched above the door flew at us, circled low around us while squawking angrily, and flew away. Decided to camp there.

:: Discovered the “wind mill” to be occupied. Greeted by a pleasant woman from upstairs. Overheard the woman instruct children to be silent. Noticed a few oddities as she came down the stairs. Oddities included child-size finger bones on the floor. Decided to fight.

:: Proved the efficacy of the Vistani’s spirit elixir and wasted a few magic bullets, but combined force of arms could not fell her. The woman proved incredibly resilient. She fled toward the manor house, promising to return with her sister and father.

:: Gregori fell in battle and drowned when a sludge-covered child, recently having crawled from a stinking barrel, tried to reach down his throat. Gregori mortuus est; en Arcadia habito. He carried the mail.

:: Rescued five children. Sampled some poisons from the wardrobe. Discovered that the highly-sought “mincemeat” pastries seen about Barovia are made here, probably from children. The mill seems to grind flour from their bones. Fled along the Old Svalitch Road.

:: Encountered a satchel of clothes hanging from a tree branch. Left it there, adding a ration to it.

:: Camped in the woods, taking care to hide tracks. Wolves patrolled the nearby road but did not find us. In the morning, Gregori’s body was gone.


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